Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Freshmen Rock!

Hey, freshmen -

Today in class, you're to finish up your lab [warning: PDF] and turn it in as described at the bottom of page 4:

  1. This page [page 4] with all questions answered, hard copy either printed off or by hand on your own paper.
  2. Your Excel file, emailed to me: (a) Subject = falling; (b) Filename = username
When your Excel file is received in the proper mailbox, you should receive an acknowledgment message.

After that . . . feel the need for some speed!

Keep in mind that (distance) = (rate) x (time). Use your magnificent algebra I skills to solve this equation for rate (speed) and time.

The tricky part of this assignment [another PDF] is that the units aren't consistent. For instance, you might be give a speed in miles per hour, and asked to calculate distance in feet or time in minutes. Look at your notes from the first couple of weeks of school for help, too.

Check your work here, and don't forget those sig figs.

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