Wednesday, January 17, 2007

In class today - Freshman version

Well, wonderful.

The program I use to keep up our usual webpage is not cooperating today. Here's the scoop for G3 & M4 for Wednesday/Thursday, January 17/18:

  • First, a brief review of your homework assignment. You have access to the key and should have checked your work already to see how well you're doing.
  • Second, a 3-question homework quiz over that assignment. The key will be available to you after you turn in your attempt.
  • Third, an acceleration reprise. We'll go through the concepts first, then the math.
Your homework is to complete the pages at the links above. You'll be quizzed over that homework next class period.

By the way . . . if your laptop crashed and is now in a Better PlaceTM, please have me - or somebody else in class - print off some hard copies of those documents for you.

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